The museum is owned and operated by the Firemen's Association of the State of New York and is located on the grounds of the Firemen's Home in Hudson New York.


../../americanmuseum/MUSEUM1.jpgMack C, North Babylon, N.Y. ../../americanmuseum/MUSEUM2.jpg (35839 bytes) ../../americanmuseum/MUSEUM3.jpg1974 Cadillace/Miller Meteor Ambulance from West Webster N.Y. ../../americanmuseum/MUSEUM4.jpg (45943 bytes)
../../americanmuseum/MUSEUM5.jpg1942 Sanford 500gpm, 300 gallon tank mounted on a Ford Mercury Chassis, Williamson, NY F.D. No. 1 ../../americanmuseum/MUSEUM9.jpg Buffalo, Mattydale, N.Y. (also served South Bay, N.Y.) ../../americanmuseum/MUSEUM10.jpg (42624 bytes) ../../americanmuseum/MUSEUM7.jpg1959 Ward Lafrance Quad,750 GPM Maplewood Vol. F.D. of Watervliet, N.Y.
../../americanmuseum/MUSEUM11.jpg (31047 bytes) ../../americanmuseum/MUSEUM13.jpg (37195 bytes) ../../americanmuseum/MUSEUM14.jpg (38102 bytes) ../../americanmuseum/WARD1947.jpg1947 Ward Lafrance, Somers N.Y.
../../americanmuseum/MUSEUM16.jpg (46647 bytes) ../../americanmuseum/MUSEUM17.jpg (32760 bytes) ../../americanmuseum/MUSEUM18.jpg (34935 bytes) ../../americanmuseum/JAMES HILL.jpg1942 American Lafrance Jox 4-100 James Hill Ladder Co., Rensalaer, New York
../../americanmuseum/MUSEUM20.jpg (35811 bytes) ../../americanmuseum/MUSEUM21.jpg (42800 bytes) ../../americanmuseum/MUSEUM22.jpg (51187 bytes) ../../americanmuseum/NYMILLSE9.jpgAmerican Lafrance  Engine 9 New York Miills
../../americanmuseum/MUSEUM6.jpg 1939 American LaFrance, Canisteo, N.Y. ../../americanmuseum/MUSEUM8.jpg1955 Ahrens Fox EC model, from River Edge N.J. 750 GPM 500 gallons Centrifugal pumper ../../americanmuseum/MUSEUM12.jpg (89923 bytes) ../../americanmuseum/SCHAGHTICOKE.jpgSeagrave from Schaghitcoke Fire Department
../../americanmuseum/CANAAN.jpg ../../americanmuseum/MIDDLEGROVE.jpgFord C Maxim from Middle Grove, Greenfield Fire District ../../americanmuseum/MAYNARD.jpgMaynard Engine 1, Marcy N.Y. 1953 GMC/American 750 GPM 500 gallons Rehab in 1970 by Sanford Fire Apparatus Company. ../../americanmuseum/AUTOCARENG.jpg Autocar Engine
../../americanmuseum/LOMONTVILLE.jpg Lomontville Fire Department, Kingston N.Y. 1942 General/ Chevrolet 300 GPM fromt mounted pump ../../americanmuseum/PIRSCH1936.jpg 1936 Pirsch, 1000GPM, 500 gallons Wellesley Mass, then Lagrange Volunteer Fire Co No. 3 of Poughkeepsie, N.Y. ../../americanmuseum/MUSEUM15.jpg (50257 bytes) ../../americanmuseum/SCHULER.jpgFront mounted pumper, Schuler Volunteer Fire Department Engine 6
../../americanmuseum/MUSEUM19.jpg (38803 bytes) 1930's Sanford, Canaan, N.Y. ../../americanmuseum/WET SAND.jpgWest Sand Lake VFD B model Mack ../../americanmuseum/BEDFORD.jpgS Model Maxim from Bedford N.Y. ../../americanmuseum/LANCASTER.jpgAmerican Lafrance engine from Lancaster, N.Y.
../../americanmuseum/VERYOLDL.jpg1922 American Lafrance Type 33 City Service  Ladder,Oyster Bay Long Island ../../americanmuseum/NORTHERN ALF.jpgAmerican Lafrance from Northern Eagle ../../americanmuseum/MASTIC.jpgLafrance Brockway Torpedo from Mastic Long Island ../../americanmuseum/BERGHOLZ.jpg Bergholz, N.Y.
../../americanmuseum/RED BIRD.jpg1939 Seagrave 65' midmount aerial,Red Bird Hook and Ladder Co., Riverhead Long Island ../../americanmuseum/PANORAMA1.jpgPanorama shot of the museum