Technical Rescue Unit 2003 Sterling tractor + trailer Technical Rescue Unit-interior view
Old Mini Pumper Future Chemical Analysis Lab (former Transit Bus being converted)
Various Rescues Engine
Former Special Ops Squad Former Special Ops Trailer
Special Incident Response Squad
Old Rescue Rescue 14
Spare engine White Rescue
Old Rescue/Minipumper Maintenance Vehicle?
Rollover Unit Supply vehicle
Technical Rescue Support vehicle Administrative Vehicle
Spare Engine Pump trailer
Tower 51 Another supply truck
Technical Rescue 20 Incident Support Trailer (Mass Casualty Supplies)
Fleet of Spare Rescues Unknown Rescue
Chief's vehicle Public Education Vehicle 
Spare Batallion Chief  Mechanic's Pickup 
Weston pick up Hazmat Astro Van
Hazmat Station Wagon Bus 
Staff Truck   Training Vehicle 467  
South Florida USAR Florida Task Force 2   Rescue Night Time  
 Training pick up   Another Training pick up  
Communications Ford Excursion  Pierce Quantum Engine  
Spare Batallion Chief-Red   Spare Batallion Chief-White  
Spare Rescue    


Station 6 Port Everglades Rescue 6
Big Foam Pumper Front view of 1981 Mack R/Quality 1500/1000/500f/3000lbs DC (Stationed at Port Everglades- Station 6) Big Foam Pumper Rear view 
Mini pumper stationed at Port Everglades Station 6 Engine 6 E-one pumper
Engine 206E-one pumper Deluge gun trailer
Mini pumper light bar on front bumper   


Station 10 Apparatus Fort Lauderdale International Airport Fort Lauderdale International Airport A10
Rescue 10  Rescue 10 [2010]
Station 10 Pickup Decon Trailer Fort Lauderdale International Airport
Engine 10 Fort Lauderdale International Airport Old Engine 10 
Airport Batallion Chief Airport Crash 2
Airport Crash 3 Airport Crash 4
Airport Crash 6 Airport Crash 7



New Station 17 Haz Mat Team Special Incident Response
Haz-Mat 17[Formerly Haz-Mat 23] Decon Truck 
Decon Trailer  Haz Mat Support Truck
Haz Mat Support Trailer  


Station 23 Haz Mat Team Engine 23 
Batallion Chief 23 Haz Mat Support
Decon Trailer  Haz Mat 23


Old Station 27 West Hollywood  New Station 27 
Quint 27 Engine 27 Pierce Quantum
Rescue 27    


Former Station 32 New Station 32
Engine 32 Aerial 32
Batallion Chief 32 Rescue 32 
Tower 32 Regional Support Unit
Trench Rescue Trailer  


Tanker 36  


Station 48 Volunteer Station Engine 48
Brush 48 Old Brush 48
Air Refiller 48  


Station 55 City of Weston  Rescue 55 
Former Tanker 55 Pierce Brush 55
Battalion 55 Weston Pumper Tanker
Battalion 55 [2008]  Engine 55 [2008] 
Rescue 55 [2008]  New Tanker 55
Battalion 55 [2010]   


Station 67 City of Weston Rescue 67
Rescue 267 Engine 67 Pierce Quantum
Rescue, City of Weston  


Station 81 City of Weston Engine 81
Rescue 81 Quint 81 Pierce Quantum
Engine 81 [2008] Rescue 81 [2008]


Station 82 South West Ranches Volunteer  
Engine 82 Attack 82
Old Attack 82 Animal Rescue Trailer 82
SW Ranches older minipumper/brush truck  


Old Lauderdale Lakes Rescue 37 Lauderdale Lakes Rescue  
Lauderdale Lakes Engine Lauderdale Lakes Older Engine


Broward Fire Academy   Broward Fire Academy Engine 127  
Broward Fire Academy Engine   Broward Fire Academy Rescue  
Broward Fire Academy Training Battalion   Broward Fire Academy Engine 2832