Toronto Fire Services

Ottawa Fire Department

Kitchener Fire Department


Cornwall Station Cornwall Prevention Vehicle
Cornwall Car 18  


Station 2 Technical Rescue 759
Aerial 756  


Station 4 - Knoxdale Tower 3 - 1991 Sutphen
Pumper 4 - 1997 Spartan Station 3 - Barrhaven
Brushtruck 718 - 1989 GMC Command- Car 3
Tanker 1 - 1998 Spartan Pumper 3 - 1998 Spartan
Rescue 3 - 1992 International


Fire Station Pumper 3
Rescue Reserve Pumper Telesquirt
Pumper 4 Aerial 2


Old Fire Station Parade Display
Engine Rescue
New Fire Station Chief's vehicle
Pumper 1-99 Pumper 1-77
Pumper 1-96  Rescue 1-86 
Ladder 1  Prevention Vehicle 


Deseronto Chief's Vehicle

Morrisburg Squad 3 (South Dundas Township)

Vankleek Hill/ Champlain Fire Station   

Casselman Fire Station    

Osgoode,Ontario Engine 30

Front of Yonge Fire Department, Mallorytown, Ontario Squad 3

Newington, Ontario Squad   

Mountain Fire Department Chief's Vehicle

Kanata, Ontario Squad

Pitsburgh Township, Ontario Engine 10 (now Kingston East Division) Photo courtesy of Elliot Albert taken at the Superior plant before delivery 

Winchester, Ontario Rescue  

Wasaga Beach, Ontario Engine E-One/Ford 1050 GPM (Photo courtesy of Elliot Albert)


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