Longueuil, Quebec

Varennes, Quebec Engine 231

St. Antoine sur Richelieu, Quebec Command Post 501

Ste. Madelaine Tanker 556

Contrecoeur, Quebec Squirt 3511978 Thibault

Ste. Julie Engine 211

Mercier,Quebec Engine 93-221

St.Isadore,Quebec Tanker 722 

Brownsburg-Chatham, Quebec Brushtruck 223

Bedford, Quebec Tanker Photo courtesy of Jason Bockus  

Sainte Catherine Station

Hinchinbrooke, Quebec Tanker 6-5

Godmanchester, Quebec Tanker 9-3

St. Bernard de Lacolle, Quebec Tanker 742


St. Paul de l'ile aux Noix,Quebec Engine 240 St. Paul de l'ile aux Noix,Quebec Ladder 439 


St. George de Clarenceville, Quebec Engine Freightliner/Maxi Metal Clarenceville, Quebec Tanker 2  
St. George de Clarenceville, Quebec Engine 346  Clarenceville, Quebec First Responders  
St. Georges de Clarenceville, Quebec Tanker 346 2014 photo  


Chambly Carignan Engine 210  Tibotrac Chambly Carignan Engine 2026


Laprairie Station  Laprairie boat;
Engine 327 Engine 227
Ladder 427 Rescue 1027
First Responder 927-2 First Responder 127


Chateauguay Station  Prevention Pickup  
Engine 220 Chief 1020
Rescue 1620 Ladder 1520
Chief 120 Haz Mat Trailer 1720
Boat Boat 1420
Engine 320 Ladder 420


Delson Station  Engine 225 1999 GMC T8500, 1500 gpm 500 gallons
Haz Mat 1725 2005 GMT T8500 Engine 326 1972 International Thibault 840gpm 500 gallons
Shoring Trailer  
Candiac Station Engine 226 1993 Spartan Thibault 1500gpm 700 gallons
Ladder 526 1983 International 1050 gpm 75 ft water towere Haz Mat


Mont Saint Hilaire, Quebec Ladder 411  Mont Saint Hilaire, Quebec Ladder Chief 111 


St. Basile le Grand, Quebec First Responder 936 Ford E350 van St. Basile le Grand, Quebec Chief 137 
St. Basile le Grand, Quebec Tanker 536  St. Basile le Grand, Quebec Quint 328  


St. Marc sur Richelieu, Quebec Rescue  St. Marc sur Richelieu, Quebec Engine 251 


Richelieu,Quebec Engine 336 Richelieu,Quebec Engine 326 Ford C
Richelieu,Quebec Engine 227 Richelieu,Quebec Command Post 626


St. Amable,Quebec Station St. Amable,Quebec Command Post 561
St. Amable,Quebec Tanker 6060 St. Amable,Quebec Engine 260


Beloeil,Quebec Parade Vehicle 19?? Chevrolet Beloeil,Quebec Command car
Beloeil,Quebec Van 802 Beloeil,Quebec Utility 801
Beloeil,Quebec Environmental Trailer 235 Beloeil,Quebec Engine 201
Beloeil,Quebec Ladder 401  


 Otterburn Park, Quebec Marine Unit Van Demers/Ford Econoline  Otterburn Park,Quebec Command car
Otterburn Park,Quebec Rescue 621 Otterburn Park,Quebec Boat
Otterburn Park,Quebec Chief 128  


St. Remi, Quebec Squad 255   St. Remi,Quebec Tanker 


UCMU 1424-2Volunteer Rehab/Community Assistance Vehicle 1424-2 Former UCMU 1424-1Volunteer Rehab/Community Assistance Vehicle 1424-1
New UCMU 1424-1Volunteer Rehab/Community Assistance Vehicle 1424-1  


Pompiers Auxiliaires de la Monteregie Station   Pompiers Auxiliaires de la Monteregie Canteen 1301 GMC Bus
Pompiers Auxiliaires de la Monteregie Canteen 1201  Ford Econoline/Demers Pompiers Auxiliaires de la Monteregie Mass Casualty Trailer  
Pompiers Auxiliaires de la Monteregie New Canteen 1302-01  


McMasterville, Quebec Hazmat Vehicle and command post, Tibotrac T160PC McMasterville, Quebec Ladder  2003 Freightliner FL80 75ft areial, 1050 gpm
McMasterville, Quebec Prevention Van McMasterville, Quebec Decontamination Trailer
McMasterville, Quebec Boat McMasterville, Quebec Tanker1986 Ford 1200 gallons, 325gpm
McMasterville, Quebec Car McMasterville, Quebec Engine 2181992 Phoenix, 1050 gpm
McMasterville, Quebec Air Trailer McMasterville, Quebec Utility 115
McMasterville, Quebec Station  


Hemmingford, Quebec New Tanker 224 Hemmingford, Quebec Old Tanker replaced in 2005
Hemmingford, Quebec Brushtruck 402 Hemmingford, Quebec Station
Hemmingford, Quebec Engine 221 Hemmingford, Quebec Rescue 222


St. Constant Squad St. Constant Ladder 423
St. Constant Engine 223 Saint Constant, Quebec Squad 216 (Picture courtesy of Elliot Albert is from 1995) 


KAHNAWAKE Many thanks for David Brighten for bringing out the vehicles and providing all of the technical details.
Kahnawake, Quebec Fire Station Kahnawake Trophy Display-1
Kahnawake Trophy Display-2 Kahnawake Engine 3 1970 Ford/Thibault, 840GPM, 500 Gallons, refurbished in 1999
Kahnawake Ambulance 4 1998 Ford (Box originally from Wheeled Coach) Kahnawake Tanker 1 1983 International S1700, 1750 gallons, no pump (former milk truck) rebuilt in 1994 by Almonte
Kahnawake Ambulance 5 2000 Ford E450 Crestline/McCoy Miller Kahnawake Rescue 1 1984 GMC Sierra 3500 Light Rescue
Kahnawake Engine 2 1992 American Lafrance 600, 1500 GPM, 640 gallons of waters, seats 6  Kahnawake Ladder 1 1969 Seagrave 100 ft, 60GPM pump, 250 gallons of water
Kahnawake Engine 4 2002 American Lafrance Eagle Rescue pumper, 500HP, 8 Passenger (air conditioned cab), light tower, 12kw generator, 40 gallons of foam, 840 gallons of water, 2000 gpm pump, carries 1600 ft. of 4in, hose and 1000ft. of 1 3/4 in. hose and has a hydraulic ladder rack. Kahnawake Engine 4 additional shots
Kahnawake Chief's vehicle  Kahnawake Former Chief's vehicle
Kahnawake Tower Ladder 1  Kahnawake Ambulance 665-186
Kahnawake Pickup Utility  




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